This is a limited edition folio depicting six rare views of the city of Bangalore. Priced at   1500 (plus VAT).


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  One pays for what he or she desires to possess and it has a value more so when it comes to an article that reflects the personality of the possessor. Collecting antiquities can open a window to the past; there could be surprises, revelation and excitement. Individuals who have an eye for spotting can acquire and preserve priceless objects.

These are objects out of reach of all not because of cost, but for want of availability. Thus, you would still be one amongst thousands when it comes to owning an item of the past aeons…. an aura of something intangible forever. Hence the growing scramble world over for uncovering and obtaining anything historical, artistic and above all decorative objets d’art.

Not only for the above reasons but also because people have now come to regard antiques as a reliable hedge against inflation, possession of such pieces of art can become an even more satisfying experience!

Pulished in hardback by M. Maher Dadha, this dook is intended to be a reference on antiquarian prints, maps and books, for first-time buyers and collectors alike, specially covering the work of British artists in India.

With 72 Pages depicting 122 coloured illustrations and a foreword by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur, it is a limited edition of 1000 copies. Priced at   1000 (plus VAT), less than 100 copies are still avaliable.