Antiquarian Books, Maps & Prints

Books: We have a wide collection of antiquarian books including with original hand-coloured and aquatint plates. Our range also extends to Indian historical subjects.

Maps: Maps are very popular decorative objects; with the added appeal that they are a view of a particular part of the world as one of our ancestors might have seen it. In recent years the interest in early maps has increased faster than in many other branches of collecting. This perhaps reflects the current enthusiasm for local history, archaeology and the history of early travel.

Prints: The great artists of the past regarded prints as a worthy medium of expression, and whilst a painting by one of these artists would probably be out of the range of most people, a fine proof etching or engraving might not. Prints have their own variations depending on the edition and thus the strength of image. Some familiarity with the different techniques of print-making is necessary for a full enjoyment of the subject (please click on this link for more details). Buyers will gradually improve the quality of their print stock as their knowledge increases.