Furniture is by far the most popular category of antiques for collectors and connoisseurs alike. Period furniture combines elegance with usefulness. However, no one would really think of accumulating Regency, Edwardian or Victorian era’s originals and only a very few people with immense wealth can afford to collect 18th and 19th century furniture. Thus, perhaps the best way to indulge a taste for fine furniture is to start collecting Colonial period furniture, which does not always have to be outlandishly expensive.

So set out to furnish your home and office with original Burma teakwood, rosewood, and mahogany bookcases, showcases, sideboards, desks, sofa’s, consoles and a host of other functional desirables that are fast depleting in supply and appreciating in value.

Reproductions: We also cater to the specific demand for authentic reproductions of original period furniture, which are hand-made to specifications by expert carpenters under strict supervision, thus ensuring the retention of its originality.