About Us

After 20 years of collecting through antique road-shows, auctions, dealers and flea markets from across the world, we had accumulated an impressive and expansive collection comprising engravings and lithographs by well known ‘company school’ artists like Thomas Daniel (1749-1840 AD), William Daniel (1769-1837 AD), Robert Grindlay (1786-1877 AD) and Emily Eden (1797-1869 AD) besides paintings by Indian masters such as Raja Ravi Varma, K.C.S Panicker and Jamini Roy amongst others.

The desire to share the knowledge with admirers, collectors and connoisseurs took precedence above all else while at the same time presenting a unique business opportunity. This gave shape to an establishment that would patronize old paintings, prints, porcelain, silver & jewellery, artefacts etc. Subsequently, in 1992, ‘Dukan – Fine Art & Antiques’ came into existence.

This new initiative, though initially a rather small and offbeat venture, became an overwhelming success, giving us the confidence to start focusing on the arts without any inhibitions, including opening an outlet of Dukan in the hills of Ooty (during the summer months).

Dukan’s has been successful in preserving, displaying and selectively publishing (hitherto unpublished) & promoting limited edition works of exceptional artistic importance.

In 2017, with Dukan marking 25 years and two generations, we have opened an exclusive gallery in Whitefield Bangalore, displaying a host treasure, worthy to be in the knowledge of every discerning collector and is a ‘one stop shop’ for every prized acquisition.