Art Residency

On a cool evening, Fern Hill sheds its dense coat of mist, the skies clear, aged trees tell tales of wisdom for seekers, iron gates open their welcome arms, walk in through the doors, walk into a story – welcome to The Red House!! A delightful fusion of a boutique home-stay and artist residency, is an elegant establishment designed to provide a unique experience to enhance relaxation and an indulgence for your artistic senses.  

Located in Ooty, overlooking an expansive wooded area over Fern Hills, The Red House has been designed and built in the early 90’s by the Dadha Family and displays the most exquisite antiques, family heirlooms and royal artifacts.

With six bedrooms, each uniquely designed; The Red House also offers a magnificent living room, a stately dining, a sprawling garden with adequate privacy for your stay.

The Red House offers the perfect setting for idyllic bliss, with the silhouette of swinging bushes and sleepy creepers, bringing to view, this warm terracotta structure. The smell of freshly laid oriental lilies that greet you, the warmth of our hospitality, the cozy and thoughtful interiors and as a starlit night may have you see it, a Salvia in full bloom.

Reading a book snuggled in the warm rosewood patio furniture, painting outdoors or letting your mind wander free, with the forest of cypress trees to your right, listening to the train from Lovedale coo to your left or watching the herd of Bisons treading through the woods straight ahead, the setting is guaranteed to stimulate artistic senses to allow the inner expressions to manifest.

Dukan, in its efforts to recognize and promote upcoming talent and to provide a platform for established artists to educate and spread awareness on various artistic forms conceptualized The Red House, which brings together a fusion of art and photography, combined in a comfortable setting, with an offering for everyone.

The Red House is an eco-friendly residence and takes responsibility for the maintenance of the surroundings. A bed and breakfast, we provide home-stay, long term residence and an artist residency.

As advocates of responsible tourism, we encourage nature awareness, cleanliness, recycling and endeavor to maintain a green environment abiding by the philosophy of Ahimsa, we seek your cooperation in maintaining The Red House as a vegetarian residence.

Location: within close vicinity of the Ooty town, on the way to Avalanche and Emerald Lake, right next to Fern Hill palace