Limited Edition Folios - Ideal for Corporate Gifting!

Viewing and Possessing unique works of art are both an appealing and satisfying experience - opening windows to the unknown, bringing in surprises, revelations and excitement.

As the three presidencies of Madras, Bombay and Bengal developed during the 18th century under The East India Company, patronage from the British Residents and Indian Noblemen attracted several professional painters to India, who executed various works depicting the Monuments, Manners and Costumes for both civilian and military, along with beautiful Scenery, Flora and Fauna.

Fortunately several of these have still survived the ravages of time but are out of reach, not only because of the cost, but also for want of availability. This aura of intangibility has resulted in a growing scramble world over for spotting and acquiring historic, artistic and decorative views.

Firing the imaginations of Connoisseurs, Dukan presents reproductions of these authentic prints on finest textured paper from the original aquatints in our collection. The reproductions are produced in limited quantities and are authenticated - allowing a select few to obtain the views which remind us of past glories. 

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