Giclee Reprints

Giclee Reprints

Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a French word meaning, “a spray of ink”. With the advent of giclee, the art of reproducing fine art works has become even more precise. Giclees, on paper or canvas, have the highest apparent resolution available today. In addition, since no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and a colour range that exceeds that of serigraphy. Displaying a full colour spectrum, Giclee prints capture every nuance of an original and have gained wideacceptance from artists and galleries throughout the world.

Thus, in our endeavour to make art affordable to all, we are delighted to offer, from our in-house team, Giclee reprints of original aquatints, lithographs etc. on the finest textured canvas and paper. These reprints are usually only available in limited editions so as to preserve exclusivity. 


Authentic Reproductions on Canvas

Lady Luck doesn't smile everyday, like Original works of Art seldom stay in shelf. It's your discerning eye and affordability, which makes collecting art a passion with rewards. While imitations are abundantly common, the best option is to collect 'authentic' reproductions, which are copied from the Original Work of Art, from the collections of Dukan.

This gives connoisseurs an opportunity to collect some of the rarest, intricate and wonderful works of great artists like:

- James Hunter (1741 - 1792) with the great views of 'Kingdom of Mysore'

- James Forbes (1749 - 1819) with the exotic Indian birds

- William Hodges (1744 - 1797) with the great views of 'India'

and several others including E.B Montefiore, Frederic Shobrel, Fanny Parks, John Gould etc.

The authentic depictions are re-produced on the finest imported textured 100% cotton canvas fabric using high quality UV Inks on international high quality digital printers under our direct supervision to give you the best output resolution.

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